Donald Norris, Public Policy, in the News

As the second televised gubernatorial debate approached, some analysts in Maryland were surprised that Governor O’Malley had agreed to participate. “The O’Malley people may be saying, ‘We know how to do this. We do it well,'” said Donald Norris, professor and chair of public policy.

The article, “O’Malley, Ehrlich to Debate Again Today,” appeared October 14 in the Baltimore Sun.

Norris also emphasized the importance of voter turnout. “In this election, it’s particularly critical. If Martin O’Malley gets good turnout from the Democratic voters, he wins hands down. If he doesn’t, it’s going to be a very close race, and Bob Ehrlich could win,” he said.

The article, “Absentee Ballots, Early Voting Preps Begin,” appeared October 18 on

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich opposes a popular Montgomery County project and supports an educational plan that would cost the county millions, according to an article in the Gazette. “Ehrlich’s positions on the Purple Line and school funding are totally inconsistent with a decision to try to get a lot of votes out of Montgomery County,” said Norris.

The article, “Ehrlich Takes Unpopular Positions on Key Montgomery County Issues,” appeared October 20 in the Gazette.


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