Ways to Get Involved in the Campus Community

Human Resources announces a new list of ways faculty and staff can volunteer and get involved in the campus community, located on the HR website under “New Employee Resources” or directly at http://www.umbc.edu/hr/PDFs/Make%20UMBC%20Yours.pdf.

Browse the list and find something that sparks your interest or inspires you to share your talents. Contact department representatives directly.

2 responses to “Ways to Get Involved in the Campus Community

  1. Thanks for creating this list of ways for faculty and staff to get involved in our campus community. Since this is a new list, I encourage you to consider adding the.the following depts to your future flyers or add their weblinks to your website:
    –The Division of Student Affairs-particularly Residential Life, the Office of Student Life and The Commons. (Thanks for listing Career Services which also falls under this division.)
    –The Shriver Center
    –The English Language Center
    –The Women’s Center
    –International Student Services
    –The Faculty Development Center

  2. Thank you for this list too ! The RecycleMania Competition has become an international recycling competiton among colleges and universitites. For the next seven weeks all faculty and staff are encouraged to help the Campus recycling efforts . We will report the weight of paper , bottles ,cans and cardboard . Please recycle and encourage others . Departments can request recycling containers through the online Customer Service Request or call x52550

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