Donald Norris, Public Policy, in USA Today and Baltimore Sun

As Baltimore’s Hispanic population grows, so does Latino influence. But when it comes to elections, the growing Hispanic population has not had a measurable effect, according to Donald Norris, professor and chair of public policy. “They are not organized,” he said, explaining that the language gap and a mistrust of government could make Hispanics reluctant to engage in civic life.

The article, “Baltimore Shows How Hispanics’ Influence Grows,” appeared October 6 in USA Today.

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, a well-funded and popular incumbent, faces Republican Trent Kittleman in this year’s election. Kittleman said he believes spending should be cut in the county, and that voters will agree with him. “Trent is engaging in wishful thinking. A Sauerbrey type won’t resonate well in the wealthiest and most well educated county in the state—except among the GOP base,” said Norris.

The article, “Ulman seems invulnerable, but is he?” appeared October 9 in the Baltimore Sun.


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