Creative Acts: Site Specific Dance and Music (10/21)

UPDATE: This event has been postponed to Thursday, October 21, due to rain.

The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture (CADVC) presents “Creative Acts: Site Specific Dance and Music” in the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park, a celebration featuring performance art inspired by the location. The Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park, located on the south side of campus, was established in 2001.

“Creative Acts” features two acts, the first entitled “Thirty Oaks,” a dance and music collaboration, and the second entitled “Songs from a Public Diary,” which makes use of writings from comment books left in the park since its inception. The event will end with a talk-back with the performers.

Act One: Thirty Oaks
The first segment of the presentation showcases “Thirty Oaks,” a site-specific work that celebrates the Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park with dance, music and visual imagery. This project joins choreographer Meghan Flanigan, sound artist Timothy Nohe and visual artist Antoinette Suiter in a multidisciplinary collaboration involving UMBC dance students and Baltimore musicians. Elements will spring from and be united with the space itself: the dancers will move through, around and with the trees, weaving a moving sculpture that reflects the patterns of trees and rocks. The musicians will likewise move through the space, creating sounds from a visual score inspired by both Fluxus practices and the shape of the oak leaves in the park. The audience will be scattered among the trees to watch the emerging movements and sounds from their unique perspective.

“Thirty Oaks” features choreography by Meghan Flanigan, UMBC adjunct faculty member and Imaging and Digital Arts MFA candidate; dance performance by Kate Brundrett, Ravae Duhaney, Josephine N. Kalema, Emily Kimak and Franki Trout; a sound composition for four musicians (Rose Hammer Burt, Tiffany DeFoe, John Dierker and Will Redman) by Timothy Nohe, UMBC associate professor; sculptural costumes and sets by Antoinette Suiter, visual artist and Imaging and Digital Arts MFA candidate. This portion of the event is supported in part by the TKF Foundation.

Act Two: Songs from a Public Diary
Song 1: Dear Lover; Song 2: I Wish He Could See; Song 3: A Day in the Journal

“Songs from a Public Diary” features musical settings of texts taken from a public journal preserved in the park. For years, students, faculty, staff and visitors have written in the journal, with entries ranging from letters of appreciation for the beautiful space and its peaceful atmosphere to college trials and tribulations.

UMBC Linehan Artist Scholars and music composition majors Charles Miller ’11 and Shane Parks ’11 have taken three of these journal entries and set them to music. Inspired by the language, tone, design and emotion of the posts, the composers sought to capture the rare honesty displayed in the writings.

CADVC Executive Director Symmes Gardner will deliver remarks between the two acts. A talk-back will follow the entire event at 5:15 in the Fine Arts Building Amphitheatre.

Admission is free. Thursday, October 14 21, 4 -5 p.m., Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park, located on the south side of the campus, within Hilltop Circle, with metered public parking available in the Commons Garage. For additional information, call ext. 5-3188.


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