Thomas Schaller, Political Science, in the Baltimore Sun and Washington Examiner

According to a recent report, Maryland lost jobs for two consecutive months after five months of job growth. On the campaign trail, Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley and Republican opponent former Governor Bob Ehrlich have both said the economy is the most important issue of the election.

According to Thomas Schaller, professor of political science, both candidates will have to make the case that things could be worse. “It is not a satisfying argument to make,” he said. “And it is not a satisfying message for voters to receive.”

The article, “Job Losses Force a Change in Tone,” appeared September 22 in the Baltimore Sun.

In a Washington Examiner article, Schaller explained that during the Republican primaries, tea party-endorsed candidates were more successful in other states than in Maryland, due in part to the state’s large Democratic base and also because many people aligned with the tea party find Ehrlich to be too moderate.

The article, “Tea Party Defines Presence in Md.,” appeared September 24 in the Washington Examiner.


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