Changes to Parking Plan

From Mark Sparks, chief of police

Thank you to everyone for your patience and constructive input to our new parking plan. I and many other members of the administration have been following the discussions and comments on the parking blog, myUMBC and other mechanisms to gather feedback about the plan.  The comments and suggestions have been very valuable.  Based on that feedback and our own observations, we will begin modifying the parking zones to more appropriately distribute parking spaces among members of our community.

Beginning October 4, Lot 23 will change from a C Parking Zone for resident students to a combination A and C Parking Zone for both commuter and resident students. This lot had over 100 empty spaces when designated as a C Parking Zone.  Making this a combination lot will help provide more parking for our commuter students, the largest group in the UMBC community.

In addition, Park Road will change from a C Parking Zone for resident students to a D Parking Zone for faculty and staff.  Signage indicating this change will be in place early in the week of October 4.  Parking patterns revealed that this location was underutilized by resident students.  Changing this area to a D Parking Zone will provide more spaces for our faculty and staff.

We are also adding 26 spaces to Lot 22—which serves our commuter students—through additional striping and the removal of handicapped spaces since it is not a handicapped-accessible lot.

Our “Wave ‘n Ride” shuttle runs Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m.  You can now track the location of the shuttle online by going to and clicking on “Wave ‘n Ride” on the left side.

We know this has not been an easy transition, and we appreciate the patience you have shown as we have implemented this new parking plan, and the helpful input that you have provided. I believe that the changes we will make provide a more appropriate distribution of parking spaces across all parking zones.

I also ask you to please be sensitive to the effect parking in the Arbutus community has on our neighbors. For example, there are many elderly residents who have been experiencing problems parking near their homes because members of our community are parking there. Please make use of the parking lots on our campus, which are closer than off-campus locations, and use the “Wave ‘n Ride” shuttle to reach your destination.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues further, I encourage you to call me at ext. 5-2872 or send me an email at  Thank you.

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