Students Attend “Kitchen Table” Talk Series With Governor O’Malley

On September 23, 2010, two UMBC students were given the unique opportunity to have breakfast with Governor Martin O’Malley as a part of his “kitchen table” talk series. Stacie Hering and Yancy Padilla ’11, both social work students from the Universities at Shady Grove, joined eight other students to discuss their experiences at their current schools. Hering and Padilla both spoke about the benefits of attending a junior college as well as the opportunities that have been made available to them through both UMBC and USG.

While discussing some of the accomplishments of higher education in Maryland over the past four years, Governor O’Malley made a special point to acknowledge that UMBC was the #1 up-and-coming university in the country. He also mentioned the construction of the new Performing Arts and Humanities Building. Senator Nancy King was present at the discussion, as well as ABC 7 News.

The “kitchen table” talks are part of an ongoing series in which Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown sit down with families and small groups to discuss a wide range of issues. You can learn more about this
initiative at


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