Yonathan Zohar, Marine Biotechnology, Testifies Before FDA

Yonathan Zohar, chair of the Department of Marine Biotechnology, has been near the center of national debate about whether salmon that have been genetically engineered to grow faster than their wild cousins should be served in U.S. homes and restaurants.

Testifying before a Food and Drug Administration panel September 20, Zohar recommended further study before the new technology is approved, but also highlighted the need for sustainable aquaculture practices to protect wild fisheries. Zohar expressed those views in a September 20 story NPR’s Morning Edition about the safety of genetically engineered fish.

Zohar’s testimony generated widespread media coverage. CNN’s Eatocracy blog quoted Zohar in a post on the hearing, and also released video of his testimony.

CNBC and the Baltimore Sun also quoted Zohar in their coverage of the hearing.

Zohar also wrote an opinion piece about aquaculture and marine biotechnology, which was published by CNN on September 22.


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