Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes His 27th Book

Robert Deluty, associate dean of the graduate school, has published a new book of poetry, “Dancing With Their Shadows.” In his review, Ronald Pies writes, “Robert Deluty’s splendid new collection of poems takes its title from Carl Sandburg’s observation that ‘poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.’ On some level, this would seem an absurd or fruitless undertaking. And yet, as Deluty’s poems demonstrate, the very act of dancing redeems us. Thus, the ‘four elders quilting/ a bedspread for their great-niece/ with lymphoma’ are—like the poet—dancing with their shadows: hoping to create meaning out of darkness. Indeed, Deluty’s poems invoke the spirit of another Sandburg quote: ‘Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.’ Deluty’s work thus brings us to an awareness that by dancing with our shadows, we also reach out to the possibility, however remote, of finding joy.”

Copies of “Dancing With Their Shadows,” as well as of Deluty’s other books, are on sale at the UMBC Bookstore.


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