SkillSoft Topic of the Month: Techniques for Improved Time Management

If you don’t feel that you are the organized type, or if making lists or drawing up detailed plans doesn’t come naturally, don’t worry. There isn’t just one way in which time can be managed effectively. This course will introduce you to several different techniques for improving your time-management skills—experiment with them, and then choose and apply the tools which best suit your own situation. You will learn how to establish goals and then determine how to establish realistic deadlines, which will help you ward off stress and improve your job performance. Making “To-do” lists is a useful technique, and you will learn how to prioritize the tasks using the Priority Matrix. Other techniques will be introduced to help you regain control of your time and improve your effectiveness. The final lesson in this course will provide some suggestions as to how to maintain control of your time in the long run.

Visit for a SkillSoft Demo, FAQ’s, Quick Start Guide and the link to log in to SkillPort. This module is Course Number: pd_01_a02_bs_enus

To schedule a department presentation about SkillSoft, call ext. 5-6262 or e-mail


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