Welcome Recently Hired Staff to UMBC

To Our Recently Hired Staff at UMBC

We are delighted  you have chosen UMBC as your place of employment, and we welcome you to the campus community.

Each new employee comes to UMBC with a unique set of skills, abilities and talents.  You have the opportunity to contribute directly to UMBC’s success and our primary objectives:  (1) to be one of the best public research universities in the nation; (2) to be a major resource for Maryland and greater Baltimore; and (3) to create a campus community that finds enrichment in cultural and ethnic diversity.

Again, welcome to UMBC, and we hope that your experiences here are rewarding.

Jaime Oleksik, Admissions
Coleen Yazurlo, Admissions

Daria Battaglia, Columbus Center Facilities
Matthew Moore, Columbus Center Facilities
Chris Tollini, Columbus Center Facilities
Michael Yates, Columbus Center Facilities
Tyra Burman, Columbus Center Operations
Regina Clowser, Columbus Center Operations
Mary Derda, Columbus Center Operations
Colleen Dove, Columbus Center Operations
Mildred Homa, Columbus Center Operations
Christine Kaufman, Columbus Center Operations
Tonya Queen, Columbus Center Operations
Samuel Sibanda, Columbus Center Operations
Therisa Steven, Columbus Center Operations

Julia Friedmann, Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education

Barbara D’Aleo, Department of Marine Biotechnology
Oded Zmora, Department of Marine Biotechnology

Linda Hodges, Faculty Development Center

Carl Postlewate, Facilities Management
Kenyon Bissett, Facilities Management
Ty Orner, Facilities Management

Michael Lentz, Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center

Alison Ginder, Harbor Hall

Tyler Chase, Imaging Research Center

Caroleann Aitken, Institute of Fluorescence

Meaghan Murphy, Intercollegiate Sports

Jody Sheely, Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR)

Dean Drake, Office of the Vice President for Research

Gavin St. Ours, Office of Institutional Advancement

Olga Aquino, Office of Technology Development

Beverly McDougall, Psychology

Jessica Lassiter, Residential Life
Joakina Mode, Residential Life
Atiya Strothers, Residential Life

Eric Abrecht, Shriver Center
Sruti Basu, Shriver Center
Courtney Harris, Shriver Center
Donnell House, Shriver Center
David Klock, Shriver Center
Latasha Pendergraft, Shriver Center
Gary Williams, Shriver Center
Nayonna Wright, Shriver Center

Mark Sparks, UMBC Police
Yvette Winder, UMBC Police

Shannon Booker, University Commons


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