New Faculty for Academic Year 2010-2011

From: Elliot Hirshman, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

It is with great excitement that we welcome our new faculty members to UMBC. These extraordinary teachers and scholars bring exciting new ideas, perspectives and methodologies to our campus, fostering innovation in our academic programs. Together with our current faculty, they will advance UMBC’s focus on student success, as well as our national leadership roles in research and creative endeavors.

New Faculty – AY 2010-2011

Biological Sciences
Sarah Leupen, Lecturer
Cynthia Wagner, Lecturer

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Joseph Loehe, Visiting Associate Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chris Geddes, Professor and Director of the UMBC Institute of Fluorescence

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Richard Forno, Lecturer
Tinoosh Mohesenin, Assistant Professor
Chintan Patel, Assistant Professor
Gymama Slaughter, Assistant Professor

Tzveta Kassabova, Artist-in-Residence

Brian Dunnigan, Lecturer
Holly Sneeringer, Lecturer

Gender and Women’s Studies
Barbara Boswell, Lecturer

Meredith Oyen, Assistant Professor

Information Systems
Amy Hurst, Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Science Program
Susan Schreier, Lecturer

Mathematics and Statistics
Philip Gloor, Lecturer
Elizabeth Stanwyck, Lecturer

Marine Biotechnology
Robert Belas, Professor
Keiko Saito, Research Assistant Professor
Harold Schreier, Associate Professor
Kevin Sowers, Professor
Vikran Vakharia, Professor
Yonathan Zohar, Professor and Chair

Mechnical Engineering
Teshome Jiru, Lecturer

Modern Languages, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
Felix Burgos, Visiting Lecturer
Milvia Hernandez, Lecturer

Stephen Caracciolo, Assistant Professor

Aaron Smith, Visiting Assistant Professor

Robin Barry, Assistant Professor
Danielle Beatty, Assistant Professor

Visual Arts
Viviana Cordova, Assistant Professor
Callie Neylan, Assistant Professor


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