Boy Scout Leads Students, Faculty and Staff in Courtyard Cleanup

On Tuesday, August 23, students, faculty, staff and volunteers, led by Boy Scout Alex Henderson from Troop 360, cleared weeds, removed debris and cleaned the Meyerhoff Chemistry Building’s courtyard as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Henderson got the idea for the project when his mother, Jane Henderson, business services specialist in the building, remarked about the overgrown courtyard, he said.

He originally thought the project would take two days, but the assembled crew completed most of the initial clean-up work within a matter of hours.

The Elkridge-based Boy Scout troop had visited the courtyard previously in an attempt to rid the space of its rapidly-growing weeds, as tall as four feet in places. “We came out here a couple days before to spray some weed killer,” Henderson said. “It didn’t work very well, but we’re here digging them out, so that works.”

He explained his long-term goals for the space. Once the invasive weeds were cleared, volunteers would build flower boxes, fill them with soil and plant butterfly bushes to transform the courtyard into a rejuvenated, green spot for visitors to enjoy year-round.


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