Temporary Traffic Pattern Changes

From:          Mark Sparks, Chief of Police

The start of the fall semester brings excitement and challenges.  One such challenge is the task of establishing and maintaining a safe efficient flow of traffic into and out of the UMBC campus.  This is especially important this year with the creation of new parking zones across campus.

I am asking everyone in the UMBC community to work with the police department to make this beginning of the year traffic flow safe and orderly.  Please assist us by being alert at all times while driving throughout the campus and cooperating with the members of the police department directing traffic.  We recognize this may pose an inconvenience to motorists as some driving patterns will be changed for this start-up period to better facilitate driving throughout the campus.

During the first two weeks of the semester, drivers should expect to be directed to park in specific spaces in campus lots by parking attendants and the police.  This “event style” parking is being used for this short beginning of semester period to acclimate drivers to the new zoned parking and to help reduce congestion during the busy beginning of semester rush.

For the orderly flow of traffic, motorists can expect temporary discontinuation of left turns and U-turns along Hilltop Circle during certain times of the day. The following intersections may be affected:

Hilltop Circle & UMBC Boulevard

Hilltop Circle & South Administration Drive

Hilltop Circle & Commons Drive

Hilltop Circle & Hilltop Road

These intersections will be periodically blocked off to prevent backups that will interfere with traffic entering the campus via UMBC Boulevard.  In addition, only Gated Faculty/Staff who park at Administration Garage will be allowed to make a left turn at South Administration Drive during this period.

We urge motorists to arrive early to avoid the heavy volume of traffic.

For campus parking updates, please visit http://www.umbc.edu/blogs/parkingforum/.

We thank everyone in advance for your help and cooperation in making the drive to and from our campus safe.


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