Eldercare in the Workplace – Continuum of Care: Overview of Services and Resources Available for Seniors in Maryland (9/29)

Due to the growth of the older adult population, smaller family size and the increased number of two-earner households, about one out of five workers are faced with balancing work and caregiving responsibilities.  Although there are many resources available to older adults in need of long term support and their caregivers, navigating the complex system of services, providers and eligibility processes can be challenging.  This workshop will provide an overview of the programs and services that are available and information on how to access these resources.

This workshop will provide information on the range of home and community-based services available to meet the needs of older adults in Maryland, including support for caregivers and strategies for aging in place, resources to protect vulnerable adults and how to navigate the service system and access appropriate services.

The workshop will be Wednesday, September 29, 10 a.m.-noon, in the University Center, Room 310.

Register by Monday, September 27, at: http://www.umbc.edu/training/community.

Get a flyer with details at: http://www.umbc.edu/hr/T&OD/T&ODindex.html.


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