Parking Permits

From: Helen Garland, Parking Services

Parking permits for the upcoming academic year go on sale August 10.  Eligible faculty/staff currently enrolled in the parking payroll deduction program will automatically be issued a new permit and it will be mailed to you at your campus department in August.

The faculty/staff parking permit annual cost in FY2011 remains $260 for a non-gated permit and $340 for a gated permit.  All permits are handled through Parking Services. Permits are assigned to a vehicle(s).  Vehicle registration (Manage Parking Account) and parking rules and regulations are available online at Contact Parking Services with questions by calling ext 5-2551 or e-mail

Starting on Friday, August 20, the new UMBC campus parking zone plans will be effective for faculty/staff.  With this plan, designated zones have been identified by a ‘letter’ and ‘color’ for each permit holder type.  As part of our parking improvements this summer, you will see new parking signage with the applicable permit holder zone and parking facility number/name.

For faculty/staff, there are two parking zone designations as follows:  for non-gated permit holders the zone is ‘D-Purple’ and for gated permit holders the zone is ‘E-Purple’.  Gated permit holders will continue to be assigned to a specific parking lot/garage.  You will receive a parking map brochure with your permit which illustrates the parking zones by color/letter designation.  A Campus Parking Blog has been set up to provide complete information on these new plans; the link to the blog is

The new permits may be displayed immediately.  Gate card holders will continue to use their current gate card with their new ‘E-Purple’ permit.  Gate card readers will be updated to new technology this fall.  A parking gate has been installed within Lot #8 for those permit holders previously assigned to the former lots #16/#9A; their gate cards have been programmed for the new lot.

Permit purchase through parking payroll deduction: Eligible employees who wish to initiate participation in the payroll deduction program may sign up at Parking Services from August 10-23.  Payroll deduction enrollment will be accepted for new employees only within two weeks of their hire date from August 24, 2010,- February 21, 2011.  Payroll deduction will begin with checks dated September 2, 2010, and continue through checks dated May 26, 2011.  The bi-weekly payroll deduction will be $13 for permit and $17 for gated permit.
Permit purchase by check or currency: Purchase your permit at Parking Services.  You will need to provide your UMBC ID or driver’s license.
Permit purchase by credit card or ACH: Purchase your permit online at: permit will be mailed to the address on file.  We accept American Express, MasterCard and Discover cards.

Faculty and staff who have outstanding debts to UMBC will be required to satisfy them before they can purchase new parking permits.  The replacement cost for lost/stolen/misplaced permits and/or gate cards is $25.  All permit replacements are purchased at Parking Services with payment of check or currency.  Refunds will not be issued for parking permit fees.


One response to “Parking Permits

  1. I have a handicap parking permit and usually park in one of the handicap spaces in the Commons Garage. I am presuming that this is how I should continue to park.

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