Jeff Halverson, Geography and Environmental Systems, on WJZ

Beginning August 15 and lasting through the end of September, NASA is launching a revolutionary study on hurricanes. For the first time, unmanned drone aircraft will be used to study the gigantic storms. These aircraft can stay above the storm for hours longer than conventional aircraft, allowing scientists and researchers to gather information that will potentially help them discover how hurricanes start and grow, track where they are headed and predict what their impact will be.

The use of the drones may be the key to unlocking hurricanes’ secrets. In an interview with WJZ Channel 13, Jeff Halverson, associate professor of geography and environmental systems and member of the Hurricane Team put together by NASA, said, “With this unmanned vehicle, we can keep it up over the storm for a day potentially, which means we can see a lot of the processes as they unfold, and not miss anything that’s critical.”

Click here to watch WJZ Ch. 13’s piece on the hurricane study.


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